We're going to work through a process of elimination here to uncover what is happening for you. Work through each one to work out what may be happening. 

1. On iOS only - when subscription purchased through Apple:

Got a new iPhone, recently wiped data from your iPhone, or are signed into a new app account? 

  • Try "Restoring Purchases" to re-enable your subscription. 

2. Deleted the app and had to sign in again?

  • Is it possible that you clicked on the "Get Started" button when you opened the app again? If so, it is likely that a new account has been created for you under a different email address or an email address spelled incorrectly (yes we're all human and that happens). 
  • If you use multiple emails in everyday life: Open the Settings (cog wheel) within your Profile tab (far right in lower menu bar) and double check the email address listed under Account and also check your Subscription status. As a next step of investigation, open your email inbox for the account NOT listed and search for "Ten Percent Happier" or "10% Happier". If you see emails from us under this account, it is likely that you have created two accounts with us. If this is true, email support@tenpercent.com with the two email addresses and highlight the address you wish to keep using with us. 

3. On Android - when subscription purchased through Google Play. 

  • Please email support@tenpercent.com and include a copy of the purchase receipt you received from the Google Play Store upon purchasing your subscription and/or the email address registered to your Google Play account.

4. On either type of device when subscription purchased through www.tenpercent.com.

  • If you purchased your subscription directly through www.tenpercent.com/ but do not have access in the app, it is likely that you are signed in to the wrong account.
  • Please check your email to see which account you received your receipt sent to as this is the email address to which your subscription is registered. Sign out of the app and back in with this account.
  • If you still are unable to locate or access your subscription, email support@tenpercent.com and include as much information as you can regarding your subscription purchase.

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