If you're having trouble getting either the videos or meditations to play, follow through each of these questions/steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Am I on a strong wifi or cellular connection to the internet? 

  • If yes, move to the next point. 
  • If not, try connecting to a stronger connection and testing any video or meditations that is not working for you. 

Does my phone have enough storage space on it to play the video? 

  • If your device is on the smaller side from a storage perspective, there may not be enough space to hold all the videos being played via 10% Happier.
  • To mitigate this, you can clear the cache by checking and un-checking the course download button for each course you've taken. 

I am seeing a blank screen (with a play button with a slash through it) when trying to play a video or meditation? 

  • Proceed by deleting the app from your phone (the same way you delete other apps by holding down on the tile, then clicking the x. 
  • Then download the Ten Percent Happier app again from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store
  • When returning to the app, click on the "I already have an account" button and sign in with the same email address you used previously. 
  • Return to the same video or meditation that was having issues and confirm that it is working for you again.

If none of this resolves the issue, please email us at support@tenpercent.com, including the email address you used to register your 10% Happier account, what type of device you are using to access the app, your current app version, and what (if any) error messages you have received.

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