There are quite a few meditation apps out there so we're happy to highlight some key aspects of what sets us apart. 

1) The teachers. Our courses are taught by some of the most senior meditation teachers in the country. We also have a very practiced team of coaches on staff to offer one-on-one support and guidance to our users. 

2) The content. In addition to hundreds of one-off meditations, we offer full (video + audio) courses that are carefully designed to offer manageable sized teachings each day in a clear and secular way. We're always experimenting with new formats (like the live-audience course "Ethics" which was shot in a bar), and publish new meditation content weekly and new courses roughly every 6-8 weeks (so it never gets old). 

3) The vibe. By combining the best teachers with an interviewer (Dan Harris), the topics come alive (without being overly preachy) and the common questions everyday meditators have surface throughout the material.

4) Coaching. We're the only app we're aware of that offers a live coach that you can bounce any questions off of -- from particular obstacles you've encountered, to topics you wanted a better understanding of.

Overall, we're really proud of this thing we're creating, and we're all excited to keep it going!

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