Transcendental meditation uses a sound or mantra (repeated phrase) to help focus and relax the mind, with the intention of bringing the mind to a place of very deep peace or stillness. TM is a 15 - 20 minute meditation and is generally practiced twice each day. Mindfulness meditation is a practice that can also bring states of calm and ease, but is focused primarily on developing understanding or wisdom, which is why it's also referred to as "Insight Meditation." In Mindfulness meditation, we're not interested in achieving any particular state or experience, but rather practicing to develop a mindfulness that can be with anything that arises---challenging emotions, moods or thoughts, in addition to positive states like joy, happiness, ease. Our ultimate aim is to understand as much as we can about the nature of the human experience, of this body and mind. Over time, these understandings (or insights) can offer us more skillful ways to respond to life (i.e. kindness, patience, compassion, equanimity) instead of habitual reactivity and confusion. And when practiced regularly, can lead us towards increasing resilience, happiness and ease in all areas of our life.

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