We're going to work through a process of elimination here to uncover what is happening for you. Work through each one to work out what may be happening. 

1. Got a new phone or recently wiped data from your phone? 

  • Try "Restoring Purchases" to re-enable your subscription. 

2. Deleted the app and had to sign in again?

  • Is it possible that you clicked on the "Get Started" button when you opened the app again? If so, it is likely that a new account has been created for you under a different email address or an email address spelt incorrectly (yes we're all human and that happens). 
  • If you use multiple emails in everyday life: Open the "account tab" (far right in lower menu bar) and double check the email address listed for your account. As a next step of investigation, open your email inbox for the account NOT listed and search for "10% Happier". If you see emails from us under this account, it is likely that you have created two accounts with us. If this is true, email support@10percenthappier.com with the two email addresses and highlight the address you wish to keep using with us. 
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