Wanting to meditate on the go or for an upcoming trip, where your connection may not be as strong? On the iPhone and Android app you are able to download the courses and meditations so that they are accessible offline. Follow these steps below. 

Downloading a Course to your device:

  1. Open the course you would like to download. 
  2. Select the "Available Offline" button as highlighted below and toggle it on (it will turn red). 
  3. You will be able to see the progress of downloading with the red down arrow appearing next to each track when it has been downloaded completely.

Things to note:

  • Downloading a courses to your device will increase the amount of storage being used by the app. 
  • To clear the course from your storage space when you have completed the course, you can toggle off the Available Offline button for that course and the cache will clear that course off of your device.
  • Also note that for the time being course downloading is only available on wifi (and will not download over cellular connections).

Downloading a Meditation to your device:

  1. You are able to favorite/bookmark* specific meditations in a course and in the Meditations section of the app and they will show up at the bottom of the page in the Home tab screen under Favorites/Bookmarks and will be available for offline play.
    *Note that on the iOS app, this feature is referred to as Favorites, while on the Android app it is referred to as Bookmarks.
  2. To favorite/bookmark a meditation please select the favorite/bookmark icon in the upper right hand corner of the opened meditation (as in below images). 
  3. To remove the favorited/bookmarked meditation, just toggle the favorite/bookmark icon back off
  4. Note that offline access with bookmarks is only available to premium subscribers.



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